How a Small Business can Benefit from Facebook Advertising

Facebook has taken the whole world by a storm. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account at some point of their life. Facebook also opened a whole new trend in the Internet which gave birth to social media sites. Not only that, Facebook also paved the way for a better and easier communication for people who are in different parts of the world. True enough, Facebook has  a plethora of contributions to our current generation. Luckily for small business owners like you, using Facebook can have a good advantage for your enterprise.

Advertising on Facebook

Everybody has noticed the extreme popularity of Facebook as a social networking site. With nearly 1 billion people using Facebook, advertising using this social networking site will prove to be very powerful and effective. Businesses from all parts of the world have extended their advertising efforts on Facebook. If you are a subscriber, you may notice that even big and multinational companies also run ads on Facebook. As a small business owner, you too can advertise on Facebook and see your business grow.

The Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

  1. Worldwide and Unlimited Exposure. One of the most striking advantages of using Facebook for advertisement is the unlimited exposure that it can give to your business. Once you run an ad campaign on Facebook, there is no telling how many people will be able to see your ad. Using this principle, you can reach out to a lot of people and entice them to try using your product. As more and more people know about your business, your revenue will also experience an increase. Not only that, those people who knew your business through a Facebook ad can be effective carriers of “word of mouth”.  Positive feedback transferred orally and electronically is all you need to gain more and more loyal customers. On the other hand, if you wish to target a very specific audience or a location, you can use Facebook too. You can do this by using specified keyword marketing or using ad campaigns that appeal to the unique type of audience that you are targeting. For example, if you are selling clothes for teenagers, you might want to run your ads on Facebook groups whose members are predominantly teenagers.  Your ad campaigns should also be appealing enough to catch the attention of teenagers. You can also create your very own fan page on Facebook. A huge number of “likes” indicate that you have a strong presence on the virtual world. You can intensify your campaign by encouraging your fans to “share” your fan page and tell their friends about it. Fan pages with a high number of members are indexed by Facebook and are used as suggestion pages for other Facebook subscribers.
  2. Customer Relationship and Loyalty. One of the main problems of businesses is maintaining a personal and close relationship to their customers. Customers, on the other hand, prefer businesses that treat them as personal and immediate as possible.  Using Facebook can help you overcome this problem since communicating with your customers is easier and less costly. Facebook lets you send a custom message to each of your customer without incurring no cost at all. Not only that, Facebook lets you update your customers regarding your latest promo and offerings. Using a Facebook site to deal with your customers lets you treat them in a customized way. Also, they will adapt a paradigm wherein you keep them updated and always in the know when it comes to the latest about your business.
  3. Extending your social influence presence. Influence is as good as PR. If your business has enough influence to your customers, then they are very likely to remain loyal to you.  Social influence can also attract more customers to buy your products the moment that they see your massive following in Facebook. As they say, a huge clientele size is a sign that a business is doing good. When you have a strong and consistent fan page at Facebook, your loyal customers will never go astray and new customers will keep pouring in.
  4. Free and easy. Using Facebook as the backbone of your ad campaign will not leave you with a huge hole on your pocket. The best advantage that Facebook can give you is that you can run an ad campaign and set up a fan site for your business without any charge at all. Facebook also lets you see how your site is doing and can provide you with useful analytics.  Facebook also offers some tools to help you manage your site effectively and gain more followers.

Using Facebook can bring a lot of advantages for your small business. If you are thinking twice about taking this step, you should make up your mind by now after seeing all of these benefits. Grow your clientele, promote your business, and save money. Only Facebook can let you do all of that with just a few clicks, determination, and creativity.


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