Not Seeing the Click Through Rates & Conversion Results You Want In Your PPC Marketing Efforts? And Not Sure How to Improve It? Paying Too Much For Keywords That Aren't Bringing Good Returns on Your Dollars Invested?

A Local PPC Management Team With Proven Track Record Guarantees to Help You Turn It Around, Quick Smart

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Dear Ambitious (but Frustrated?) Online Marketer,

I’m here to tell you what you probably already know…your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign like (Google Adwords) needs to be laser targeted, constantly tested, refined and managed.

Otherwise you will continue to throw good money after bad and your sales conversion and lead generation rates will continue to deteriorate.

This may already be happening to you.

Even if you are currently getting ‘decent’ results from PPC marketing, you need to ask yourself…
  • Am I constantly testing and refining my PPC efforts to bring in MORE traffic for LESS $ per click?
  • Am I making efforts to plug profit leaks in my PPC marketing efforts?
  • Am I paying for expensive keywords (making Google richer!) and not finding new ways to reduce what I pay for keywords and to massively boost my CTRs?
  • Am I aware that my competitors are constantly monitoring my PPC strategies so if I’m not doing the same, I might soon be left for dead in the search engine water?
  • Am I geo-targeting, tracking server logs, using negative keywords, using different campaigns for different search engines and running regular split tests to ensure PPC performance is improved?
  • Am I a typical time-poor & overwhelmed DIY online marketers struggling to manage the PPC juggernaut and not getting the results promised to me?
Google and other search engines just love time-poor & overwhelmed DIY marketers because they are not attuned to testing, researching and refining their PPC strategies to pay LESS for ads and at the same time get MORE traffic and better conversions.

A laser focused pay per click strategy combined with ongoing testing, refinement and optimization as well as regular competitive analysis is the ONLY way to ensure you achieve the optimal ROI from your marketing dollar.

We would like very much to help you boost your PPC marketing results.

Unfortunately, you may not fit our preferred client profile.

Because reputation counts and we really care about long term results, we choose only to work with clients who understand the value of ongoing PPC management service.

Our work is 100% guaranteed.

So any chosen clients not 100% satisfied with the service and results that we deliver, we will return the initially consult fee in full after 90 days.

To work out whether we can help you drastically improve your PPC marketing efforts, fill out the following form. We will be in touch to discuss your specific PPC marketing requirements and determine whether we can work together.


Trusting Proven Team to Manage Your PPC Makes Sense So You Can Mind Your Own Business

You need PPC experts who are Obsessed with testing & refining your PPC marketing efforts and getting you guaranteed results

This will leave you precious time so you can deliver great services and products to those loads of sales leads that we will bring to you through PPC advertising.

Our experts guarantee immediate improvements to the ROI in your PPC marketing spend – or we give you back the consult fee in full.

It’s a well-known fact that Google makes truckloads of money through their pay per click marketing system (Adwords). PPC really works for the smart advertisers that get it right – but the inexperienced, time poor, ad hoc advertisers constantly throw good money at Adwords campaigns without good returns. This is bad business for them – but good news for Google!
We know all this because we’re in the game – right in the thick of it.

Many other supposed PPC marketing ‘experts’ talk the talk – but have never themselves being immersed directly in the action.

Nettclicks is different.

  • We’ve developed and marketed many successful niche information products online through PPC marketing, many which are still running today.
  • We’ve helped numerous businesses with online presence generate leads, convert leads to sales and improve brand recognition through PPC marketing.

I’m Sebastian Alberti, the Team Leader at Nettclicks.

I’m a qualified (and at one time well paid!) engineer who decided to swap a comfortable corporate life for the thrill and challenges of helping clients like you develop a profitable online presence and build great e-businesses.

I lead a team with hands on experience with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter, and many other less well know PPC marketing mediums allows us to provide timely, accurate and effective PPC marketing solutions to all our clients.

And that could be you.

You could be one of a select number of clients we work with who understands the importance of developing an effective and ongoing PPC marketing presence.

We are selective about our clientele because we want to provide you with undivided attention to boost the ROI in your PPC marketing efforts.

This can’t be done if we have hundreds of clients on our books.

We are also totally ethical – if you are our client, under no circumstances will we work with any of your direct competitors.

If you are like 98% of other PPC advertisers online, you are throwing hard earned money away to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft for little or no return

How do you know if you are throwing away good marketing $$s and not optimizing your PPC advertising campaigns?
  • If you are generating CTRs (click through rates) of below 4% (many people are happy with 1%!!) – you are definitely NOT getting the most out of your PPC marketing dollar
  • If you are not constantly testing, refining, optimizing your keywords & ad copy and not monitoring your conversion rates – you are beautifully set up for failure
  • If you work by trial and error – instead of using systematic analysis of your PPC campaigns using sophisticated analysis tools – you are certainly leaking profits
  • If you don’t spent time analyzing how pay per click engines work (and the rules are in constant state of change) and regularly reviewing the maze of details needed to effectively implement, optimize and refine your PPC efforts – then you are not fair dinkum about achieving your desired ROI on your online marketing spend
  • If you think it’s sweet to keep putting $31 per day, $18 on the next day and $27 on another day without monitoring what impact this is having on your bottom line, then you will be in for a rude shock at the end of the financial year (when you reconcile your marketing budget)
  • If you are not continually (everyday, in every keyword) trying to improve your PPC marketing strategies – you are actually falling behind and losing money
Our vast experience and our proven proprietary PPC marketing optimization system is a scientific and quantifiable approach to boost your online traffic, lead conversion and product sales

Done well and done correctly – PPC marketing is actually a very low cost and effective form of marketing.

The problem is for 98% of the PPC advertisers out there, they rely on ad hoc, non-systematic and inconsistent (and sometimes non-existent!) rules of thumb to carry out their PPC marketing.

PPC marketing can be a fool’s gold – and believe me, I see a lot fools out there when it comes too online marketing!

To ensure you don’t become one of these money wasting PPC marketing fools, make us accountable for your PPC marketing management

This is a checklist of what we bring to your PPC marketing table:

1. We split-test your ad copy as well as your landing page & monitor the results everyday.

If you are running one ad or 100 ads – they all need to be tested constantly and refined.

We will take your CTRs to the desired level of above 5% – consistently!

For the typical PPC marketer, this could equal to a 4 or 5 time increase in web traffic for exactly the same amount of ad dollar invested!

From experience, we know that a small change in your ad title, your ad copy and your landing page can make ALL the difference.

And constantly testing and monitoring is the only way to make sure you are maximizing the benefits of your online marketing dollar.

2. We help you lock in a fine balance between Broad, Phrase, Exact, & Negative Keyword Types and optimize the benefit of using each type.

Many ‘do it yourself’ PPC marketers don’t know the difference and that’s costing them money and lots of targeted (i.e. profitable) traffic.

If you have no idea what these keyboard types and have no time to research and test them, it’s time you think about engaging experts like us to help you.

3. We help your PPC marketing campaign expand beyond obvious (and often costly!) keywords and make use of all potential keywords as well as ethically ‘swipe’ valuable & profitable keywords from your competitors.

Our experience, access to resources and other proprietary PPC management system allows to be precise about keyword selection.

A lot of it is about dedicated research and using the right tools not available to the average DIY advertiser.

For example, we have a tool, which we’ve had build specifically for ourselves, which can gauge a visitor’s interest of content within a page based on a world famous sales model called AIDA – Attention, Interest Desire & Action.

A visitor comes to your landing page and based on this sales data we can tell you specifically whether or not that keyword is profitable and whether or not is worth keeping in your keyword list, best of all, we can track this information with only a hand full of visitors.

Producing great CTRs and sales conversion is about using as many cost effective keywords as possible – this could mean expanding your keyword portfolio from 30 to over 1000 keywords.

And all this can generate exponential boost to your traffic while still keeping to your marketing budget.

What’s more – these specialized keywords help to target special niches in your desire market – so that when an online client visits, you’ll know what they want and can give them the right product.

This means great sales conversion – because your PPC marketing has done the entire client ‘sorting’ for you already.

4. We operate a PPC marketing management system that is totally accountable with strict procedures and real time statistics that don’t lie.

And you will the beneficiary with better accountability.

Here’s a flow chart, which shows our systematic approach used to boost your PPC marketing campaigns.

Just to sound like a broken record, we are very careful about choosing the people and businesses that we work with.
So don’t bother registering for our free initial PPC marketing analysis if you fall in one of these categories:
  • You don’t ‘GET’ the point of paying for ‘expert’ help
  • You don’t understand that PPC marketing is a highly specialized task and that without proven experience and a systematic approach to testing, refining and monitoring – there is little chance of success
  • You think it might be better to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a large PPC management company on a long-term deal without guaranteed success
  • You have a marketing budget but don’t care about how it is spent and don’t care about measuring the effectiveness of this investment
At any one time, we are totally immersed and dedicated to helping a select number of clients.

We also work only with one client in any one specific industry niche – we’re big on loyalty to clients and will not sell out our services to your competitors for a quick buck.

Part of the appeal of the service we offer is that we can quickly identify profitable niches within your industry. Get in contact with us for a free appraisal about identifying these little gold mines in your industry – before they get discovered by your competitors!

We provide you with a free initial report to comprehensively analyze your current PPC marketing efforts and give you an overview of improvements that can be made.

Thereafter, if you wish to engage our services, we charge an UP FRONT ONE TIME CONSULT FEE of $1750 AUD (excludes GST).

PPC marketing is something that is ongoing and needs to be tested & refined as the competitive landscape changes.

Therefore we also have an ongoing PPC Management Program at $550 AUD (excludes GST) per month.

With this ongoing program, you have the piece of mind that an experienced team is working on your PPC marketing all time – testing, refining, analyzing – to bring you quality conversions, on budget, on time.

There is NO long-term contract to sign – our ongoing services are charged month-to-month and you can chose to discontinue our management service anytime.

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We also provide a 100% money back guarantee – if for any reason after 90 days you are not satisfied with our services, we will refund the initial consult fee of $1750 to you in full (this is based on the proviso that you strictly follow our systematic procedures within those 90 days and don’t achieve the results that we promise to you).

Please fill out the following form and we will contact you shortly to discuss your PPC efforts.


We look forward to the possibility of working in partnership with you to boost your PPC marketing effectiveness.

Yours faithfully,

Sebastian Alberti
Team Leader
61 03 9016 0504

P.S. Unlike a lot of self proclaimed experts and companies out there, we don’t like to name drop and throw endless testimonials on our page.

Firstly, many of our clients appreciate the anonymity of working with us, knowing that their valuable marketing secrets will not be shared with everyone in their competitive field.

Secondly, our reputation is only as good as our next project – that could be you. What we’ve done in the past is really irrelevant to what you need right now from us.

Having said this, if you would like references to verify our experience and expertise, we can provide some contact details so you can speak directly and candidly with our current and past clients.